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Keystone Association of Railroad Passengers

Keystone Association of Railroad Passengers

Welcome to the website of the Keystone Association of Railroad Passengers (KARP). Contact us at to join our mailing list or send a comment, or visit our Facebook page.

Keystone  Pennsylvanian  Latrobe  5/20/2012
Keystone Service  Lancaster County  12/14/2011  Mark Spada                         Pennsylvanian   Latrobe   5/20/2012   Bob Shoemaker

Next KARP Meeting


National Railway Historical Society Harrisburg Chapter Meeting - Tuesday, March 10

2015 Tri-State Meeting (PA,NJ,DE) of the National Assn. of Railroad Passengers - Saturday, March 28 - Philadelphia
National Railway Historical Society Harrisburg Chapter Annual Banquet - Saturday, April 11 - Reservations due by April 1

Recent Articles and Information

Virginia to extend Amtrak service to Roanoke by 2017 - 8/12/13 Trains Magazine (posted as a comparison to PA transportation funding problem)
Amtrak,Pa. officials trying for funding plan to keep passenger service - 8/16/13 Philadelphia Inquirer
PennDOT: Rail needs funding to operate - 8/16/13 Altoona Mirror
Amtrak's Missed Opportunities - 8/17/13 Trains Magazine (includes discussion of the Capitol Limited and Pennsylvanian)
Restoration of 30th St. Station's exterior to start soon - 8/17/13 Philadelphia Inquirer
Amtrak Tests Bike on Board - 8/18/13 Plattsburgh, NY Press-Republican (relevance to Capitol Limited)
PennDOT to fund rail for entire year - 8/18/13 Altoona Mirror
Trains and trade-offs (PA State Rep Brad Roae) - 8/20/13 Philadelphia Inquirer Letters to the Editor
PennDOT, Amtrak reach agreement - 8/21/13 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Pa. picks up $15.5 M tab for cross-state trains - 10/1/13 Philadelphia Inquirer
Amtrak: Five years to no food service losses - 10/4/13 Railway Age
Consider Additional Train Trip - 10/22/13 Altoona Mirror (Reprinted in 11/1/13 Lewistown Sentinel)
Middletown train station back on track - 10/23/13
Historic Johnstown station needs repairs, but funding is scarce - 8/10/14 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Last public grade crossing on Keystone Service corridor to close - 9/18/14

PennDOT solicits online feedback for their long range transportation plan, PA On Track, by December 15
Pennsylvania Long Range Transportation Plan (document for review)

Pennsylvanian Funding Requirement First Reported

Pittsburgh-to-Harrisburg Amtrak Route May End - 2/4/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Amtrak May Cut Route From Pittsburgh - 2/4/13
Pennsylvania Train Service Must Be Maintained - 2/5/13 Pittsburgh-Post-Gazette * Altoona Could Lose Amtrak Service - 2/5/13
Losing Amtrak Train Would Be Rail Awful - 2/7/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Retain Amtrak Service - 2/7/13 (reprinted on 2/11/13 at
Pennsylvania' Cross State Train Route Could Be Derailed (Includes broadcast of on-board interviews) - 2/15/13 * Don't Derail This Train - 2/15/13
Amtrak's Regulars Treasure the Pennsylvanian (Includes Video) -2/17/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Page 1) * Don't Derail PA's College Students - 2/20/13
Passengers Rail Against Amtrak Cuts - 2/24/13 * Our View: Cut Amtrak's Harrisburg-Pittsburgh Route - 2/27/13
Lack of Funding Could End Amtrak in Lewistown - 2/27/13 * The Pennsylvanian: Its Time Has Passed - 2/28/13
More Midstaters Riding Amtrak, But Will State Pay to Keep Service? - 3/1/13
Pennsylvania Resists Financial Rescue for Amtrak's Pittsburgh-to-Harrisburg Run - 3/9/13 (Note: Train was sold out on March 8)

Pennsylvania And Amtrak Reach Agreement On The Pennsylvanian

Corbett Reaches Agreement to Keep Daily Amtrak Service Between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg - 3/21/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Corbett Reaches Deal to Pay to Maintain Amtrak Route to Pittsburgh - 3/21/13 TribLive * Agreement to Preserve Rail Service Announced - 3/21/13 We Are Central PA
Amtrak Route Saved - 3/21/13 Altoona Mirror * Agreement Saves Passenger Train -3/21/13 Johnstown Tribune Democrat
Train Travelers Will Still Be Able to Get to Pittsburgh From Here Under Agreement Announced By Governor - 3/21/13 Lancaster Online
Governor Corbett Announces Steps to Save Amtrak Service to Pittsburgh - 3/21/13 WHBF-TV * Funding May Save Pittsburgh Amtrak Service - 3/22/13 Pittsburgh Business Times
Governor Corbett Announces Steps to Save Amtrak Service to Pittsburgh - 3/21/13 FOX43 Central Pennsylvania
Deal Struck to Maintain Amtrak's Harrisburg to Pittsburgh Daily Train - 3/22/13 Penn Live
Agreement to Keep Operating Amtrak 'Pennsylvanian' Line Reached Hours After Local Rally - 3/22/13 Lewistown Sentinel
Corbett Announces $3.8M Funding for Amtrak's 'Pennsylvanian' Line - 3/22/13 Central Penn Business Journal
Amtrak to Maintain Western PA Passenger Trains - 3/21/13 * Amtrak to Maintain Western PA Passenger Trains - 3/22/13 York Daily Record
All Aboard: Corbett and Amtrak Swing a Deal on Train Service - 3/26/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Score Win for Amtrak - 3/24/13 Altoona Mirror
Amtrak Announcement Sends An "All Aboard" Message - 3/24/13 WITF Harrisburg * Amtrak Line, Regional Train Stations, Will Remain Open - 3/27/13 Centre Daily Times
Amtrak Route's Repreive a Relief to W.PA. Riders - 3/26/13 Pittsburgh Tribune Review
State Commits Annual $3.8 M to Pittsburgh-Harrisburg Amtrak Line - 5/24/13 Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Despite No Transportation Bill, PA Funds One-Year Keystone and Pennsylvanian Operation Starting October 1, 2013

Transportation Bill Clears Pennsylvania Senate - 6/5/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pennsylvania House Commitee Readies For Vote On Amended Bill FOor Roads, Bridges, Transit - 6/25/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Proposed Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Overhaul Put On Idle - 6/25/13 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Pennsylvania Needs Comprehensive, Long-Term Transportation Funding - 6/25/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Weekend Deadline Nears For PA Budget, Roads And Wine Sales - 6/26/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Corbett Signs Nearly $29 Billion Budget Before Deadline - 7/1/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PennDOT Says It Will Fund Amtrak's Pittsburgh-Harrisburg Line - 7/3/13 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Keystone Corridor West Study * Pennsylvanian Press Release * Pennsylvanian Fact Sheet * Help Save Your Train Flyer - Pennsylvanian

State Representative Mike Fleck Supports Continued Funding of The Pennsylvanian
State Representative Dick Hess Offers Support to Preserve Amtrak's Pennsylvanian Line
Rep. Hess Asks About Local Amtrak Line at Budget Hearing (Video of remarks by PA Sec. of Transportation Schoch)
Rep. Hess Applauds Agreement to Save Amtrak's 'Pennsylvanian' Line
Rep. Fleck Applauds Agreement to Save Amtrak Service Between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg
Amtrak's Pennsylvanian Line Will Be Saved (Video of Rep. Fleck Interview)
Amtrak Line Important to Many Pennsylvanians (Video of Rep. Hess Interview)
Amtrak Line Between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg Will Remain Open (Video of Rep. Benninghoff Interview)
Rep. Stern - New Agreement Secures Continued Passenger Service Between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg on the 'Pennsylvanian'
PA House Transportation Committee Public Hearing on Harrisburg-Pittsburgh Passenger Rail Service (Video) - 4/10/13

Johnstown Rally 11/19/2012
Budget Cuts Threaten to Derail Amtrak Service - 11/19/12 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Supporters Rally Behind Amtrak - 11/20/12 Altoona Mirror * Rally for Rail - 11/20/12 WTAJ News

Huntingdon Rally 3/1/2013
Huntingdon Rail Service Rally - 2/26/13 * Amtrak Supporters Rally to "Save Our Train" - 3/1/13
Citizens Rally to Keep Amtrak Route Going - 3/2/13 * Residents Rally for Train - 3/2/13

Lewistown Rally 3/21/13
Lewistown Amtrak May Close - 3/12/13 The Daily Collegian * Rally to Support Amtrak Scheduled - 3/16/13 Lewistown Sentinel
Agreement to Keep Operating Amtrak 'Pennsylvanian' Line Reached Hours After Local Rally - 3/22/13 Lewistown Sentinel

Pre-Written Letter to State Legislators and the Governor (NARP Website)
Petition to State Legislators and the Governor (


Rockwood Amtrak Station Study
Study Streeses Positive Impacts of Rockwood Train Station * Rockwood Amtrak Station Feasibility Study Final Report

Our View: Amtrak is on a roll for Erie - 5/10/13 Erie Times-News
Eastgate advisory board talks about high-speed rail service - 9/5/14 (Youngstown, OH)
New York-Buffalo-Cleveland-Chicago Corridor Improvement Proposal - March 2014

Lehigh Valley
Passenger Trains Will Be Essential for the Lehigh Valley's Progeny - 7/17/12 The Morning Call
Kirk Raup Trying to Get Passenger Trains Rolling in the Lehigh Valley - 3/14/13 WFMZ-TV Allentown
Allentown takes the lead in calling for LV passenger rail study - 7/18/13 WFMZ-TV Allentown
Commuter rail service in the Lehigh Valley worth a second look says planning executive - 6/21/14
Bethlehem City Council community development committee gives nod to Lehigh Valley Railway - 8/28/14 WFMZ-TV Allentown

For Cartwright, passenger rail service a legislative dream - 3/17/13 Scranton Times-Tribune
Scranton has place for train station - 2/1/14
Delay isn't the end of the line for Scranton's rail link to New York City - 2/1/14
Our Opinion: Pennsylvania should pony up the cash to bring passenger rail to Scranton - 9/3/14
Our Opinion: Momentum for passenger rail service between Scranton and NYC can build with your help - 9/10/14
New Jersey DEP reviewing permit for work on Scranton-NYC passenger rail line - 1/8/15 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

The Brookings Institution 3/1/13 - A New Alignment: Strengthening America's Commitment to Passenger Rail
PennDOT to finish Pittsburgh passenger rail study by April
Keystone Corridor Study
Frustrations of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak
Harrisburg International Airport Considers Harrisburg-Pittsburgh Service
Philadelphia Inquirer - Looming fund cuts endanger Amtrak's Keystone line
Lancaster train station project chugs ahead; new HVAC system

Bicycles on Amtrak Trains
NYBC Advocates for Unboxed Bicycle Carriage in Amtrak Trains - 12/16/12 New York Bicycling Coalition
Amtrak and MDOT Welcome Bicyclists to Michigan Blue Water Trains - 8/29/13 Amtrak News Release
Amtrak debuts bike racks on Blue Water Line service (9/6/13 Amtrak/Michigan DOT video)
Amtrak tests bicycle roll-on service on Capitol Limited route between Pittsburgh and D.C. - 10/15/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Cyclists test roll on/roll off service on Amtrak - 10/16/13 TribLive
Amtrak to welcome bicycling passengers by end of the year - 6/24/14 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Bicycles soon to be welcome on Amtrak trains - 7/5/14 TribLive

Passenger Rail Funding Plans in Other States
Vermont Governor Boosts Amtrak Service to Burlington
Amtrak Main and Individual Pennsylvania Train Pages, Current Train Status & Train Tracking Map

Passenger Rail Advocacy Organizations
All Aboard Erie
All Aboard Ohio
Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers
Lackawanna Coalition
National Association of Railroad Passengers
New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers
Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority
SMART Lehigh Valley
Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail

PA Trips By Train

Northeast Rail Map

Pennsylvania Passenger Rail Photo Section

Transit Authorities Servicing Pennsylvania Amtrak Routes

Contact Information for Pennsylvania State Legislators

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